Create Your Own Planner from PDF Packs

Image of two piles of papers

If you look at, say, weight loss planners and think “I wish I could do something like that but my planner would have different pages, like…”

this is for you.

When you look at weight loss planners thinking “If it was up to me, I would have that page from the calories one, one page from the keto one, three pages from the meals one, that would be my ideal weight loss planner,” we are on the same wavelength.

Introducing PDF Packs.

The image at the top is of two piles of papers. If you looked on my hard drive, you would see in the Weight Loss Planner bit, I have 20-30 different pages.  The digital version of what is in the image.

These are great, even though I say it myself, but the problem is choosing which pages to use in a planner, that you would want to buy.

Let’s step back a moment and look at it. I have one of each of these pages. Some will get used, some won’t. The choice is mine.

How about we turn it around so you, my customer, gets to choose which pages are used?

You can’t see which pages I have but if I put one each of all my weight loss pages in a pack of PDFs for you to buy, you would be able to put your own weight loss journal together.

It would be for personal use only but think about how many different planners you could put together. Tailor made for you by you.

How You Could Do It.

Decide which pages you want to use and print off the number you want.

If, say, you want two grocery shopping lists, seven daily meal planners, one keto page, one sugar tracker page and one overview page, you can. The choice is yours.

You could take the PDFs to your local print shop and get them printed up for you (expensive), or keep them in a ring binder for easy access.

How does that sound?

You would have full control of what goes into YOUR planner.

Colour, Too.

You would not be limited to black & white pages. Colour printing is soooo expensive, so my PDF packs will have colour pages in, as well as black & white.

There will be different sizes of pages. Depending on the amount of information on each page such as breakfast, lunch, dinner in the weight loss planner pack, or self care options in the mental health journal pack, you will probably have 8.5″ x 11″ and 8″ x 10″ in both b&w and colour.

When Are They Coming?

Tomorrow. Look out for it 🙂

See you then!



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