How to Use Your Mental Health Journal Pages

Anxiety bundle cover

This pack of Mental Health Journal Pages holds a treasure trove of ways you can help yourself, no

matter what your mental health issue.

I have been having anxiety attacks for the last few years. They are generally controlled by meditation and mindfulness (the 2 Ms). When the 2Ms do not work, keeping to a routine of tracking my anxiety helps me understand what triggers it, then how to deal with it.

I use these pages for tracking my own anxiety, and have found they are a useful guide as to how I am managing it.

For a start, picking out which pages would help me gave me hope.


Because it put me in control of working with my own condition.

Which Pages Work For Me?

The three All About Me pages at the start gave me a starting point.

When you use it, it will be your “this is where I am now” point so you can compare with how you are at the end of one month.

Each time you do the comparison, redo the All About Me pages which will give you your new starting point.

The Mood Chart gets filled in at lunchtime. I picked that time because I am well awake and not doing my first thing in the morning grump!

You can fill yours in when it suits you.

Anxiety Levels is checked through the day. It’s just to touch base with myself; a self care thing.

You will find your own way of working with these pages.

Understanding Anxiety helps me see where I have improved, and so does Anxiety Debrief but in a different way.

Coping Strategies is always good because they develop over time.

When you look over past pages you will see your progress. Encouraging!

One of the problems with anxiety is that a thought can come into your mind, take root and take you to the worst case scenario before you realise. That is why the Transforming Thoughts page is in this bundle.

Your challenge is to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. In other words, folks, be aware of what you are thinking. Mindfulness is useful here.

What triggers your anxiety attacks? Keep an eye on them using the Trigger Tracker page.

My favourite page is Grateful Heart because I get to think of things to be grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

Self Care Ideas gives you ways to show yourself you care.

Love Yourself needs no introduction. It is a good page.

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