Long Distance Walks Tracker

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every walker needs a long distance walks tracker. when you think you’ve discovered a ‘new’ walk only

to recognise it, you know you’re missing this vital piece of equipment in your setup.

I lived a few miles from Derbyshire’s Peak District when I started walking about er, well, a good few years ago. My favourite walks were along the Tissington Trail ending at Tissington tearoom, and in Dovedale.

After walking different parts of the same trail week after week,I got bored and walked in other areas. Eventually I went back to the Tissington Trail but didn’t know which parts I’d already walked.

If only I’d had a long distance walks tracker with….

“Walking Tracker – Where I’ve Been” Lists.

Pages with From, To, and Date. Simple.

Each page has 20 lines so there is room for 20 walks.

It is a fantastic way to build up a reference library of your favourite (or best) walks. Avoid walks you’ve done previously – do stretches you haven’t tackled before.

Having lists of start and destination points will help you complete longer walks like the Pennine Way, High Peak Trail and Silken Way without repeating stretches.

Take the Correct Equipment.

A couple of my friends challenge themselves, on New Year’s Day, to walk 1000 miles in a year. Wow!!!

That’s what gave me the idea for the Long Distance Walks tracker, and remembering my frustration when I repeated walks.

Thinking about what I wanted in a tracker when I went on walks. An equipment checklist would be good, and make it as comprehensive as possible.

The Walking Checklist has a clothing list, equipment list, food & supplies list, dog kit list and misc list – that’s for things like insect repellent, lip balm, deodorant, the kind of things that don’t fit in the other lists. And there’s an Other list for anything else.

There’s a Walking Checklist for every walk you do.

The All-Important Journal Pages.

The Walking Journal pages have Trail, Location, Elevation Gain, Loss, Distance, Duration, Start Time, End Time, Trail Type, and Difficulty. These are for your pre-walk preparation. Post-walk debriefing includes Important Trail Details, Trail Surface, Exposure, and Notes.

You need to do thorough preparation before you go walking, especially if you’re in a group because you may have different abilities walking with you. Remember to leave details with your SO or friend in case of emergency.

Which trail are you doing?

Where is it?

How many miles/kilometres is it?

How long is it likely to take you?

Is it hilly? There may be someone in the group who can’t do hilly.

What type of trail is it? If it’s a bridleway and it’s wet, it’ll be challenging (understatement).

Sounds a Wonderful Tracker!

Of course it is! It’s from the Pimp Your Planner stable 🙂

Get yourself along to Amazon.co.uk and check it out here.










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  1. Whoa! This is an on-time post. I recently arrived at the understanding that diet, alone, will not help me get fit, but my almost-sixty-year-old joints don’t like a lot of impact. So I was researching walking trails near my home. This will definitely be a helpful addition to my walking plans! Thank you.

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