Make a Personalised Yoga Planner Incognito

Purple cover with gold mandala and Buddha statue

How do you make a personalised yoga planner incognito? you ask questions,

lots of questions. More than the usual number because a yoga planner like this takes you out of your comfort zone. It’s a unique yoga planner; unique to the client.

When you think personalised planner, I bet you imagine your name or initials on the front cover, maybe a personal statement or your favourite word. What would you have if you didn’t want your name on the front?

No Name.

The idea behind Pimp Your Planner is to design the kind of planner/journal/notebook that the client would not see on “the High Street”. This is one of them.

Me: “Name or initials on the front?”

Client: “No thanks.”

Me: “Er, ok. What would you like on the front?”

Client: “Can I have a purple cover with something yoga-ish, please?”

Me: “Yeah, no problem.” (Thinking um, how…?)

Hotfooted over to my favourite graphics site, pressed my face up against the virtual window like any kid in a sweetshop, and explored the ‘pick & mix’.

Found three shades of purple and three yoga-ish designs, including the one in the image at the top. Sent them to the client to choose which she preferred. That’s another thing, I keep the client involved every step so they can’t turn round and say “I don’t like the colour. Why didn’t you check with me?”

As soon as I placed it, I knew it was the one. If the client didn’t like it, I knew others would.

She loved it! Thank you, Universe!

Me: “Sure you don’t want a name?”

Client: “Positive.”

Listen to Your Client.

Ask what kind of pages they want. Offer a choice e.g. lined, blank, colouring, gratitude, etc.

My client wanted a page where she could list yoga postures (asana) she was working on, a page where she could write about what she was grateful for, and lined pages to record her progress mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, because yoga transforms you fully.

That’s the thing. Your client is your boss while you’re working on their personalised planner so they can have it any way they choose.

As I asked at the beginning, if you were having a personalised planner but didn’t want your name or initials or favourite slogan on the front, how would you personalise it?

Check out the incognito yoga planner here. Price includes post & packing.











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