Mental Health Journal Pages

Cover for mental health journal pages pack

It’s when you start looking for the journal that will help you track your mental health, that you realise

they do not have the pages you want.

You visit every department store and stationer’s. You go online and look in all the online shopping platforms but…none of them have the kind of tracker you are looking for.

It isn’t a journal journal you want, more a tracking journal. Something where you can tick boxes (or colour them in), write short comments not whole pages cos you aren’t in a place where you can.

Introducing Mental Health Journal Pages.

This is not a journal like the ones you buy from shops. This is a pack of journal pages with one of each type of page I have used for my mental health over many bits of counselling and therapy.

These pages are for your personal use only, and you can print as many of the pages as you need. For example, if you need 12 pages of the Mood Chart, print them. If you need 20 pages of Happiness Is…., print them.

There are 35 pages relating to tracking different aspects of your mental health. Yes, some may overlap but that depends on which type of page works for you.

Pages Included:

All about me – likes and dislikes, anxiety debrief, anxiety levels, understanding anxiety, dear future self, coping strategies, mood chart, trigger tracker, self care pages, gratitude pages, self awareness, sleep tracker, trigger tracker – what triggers you, thoughts tracker, daily/weekly reflections, love yourself, happiness tracker, life assessment, and so on.

You could make yourself loads of journals with them!

The pack has two sizes – 8″ x 10″ and 8.5″ x 11″, and both include a colour set and a black & white set.

Here is a flipbook of the Mental Health Journal Pages so you can have a proper look:

[real3dflipbook id=’2′]


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