Personalised Boat Log

Journal with Caesar on the front

She wanted a personalised boat log for her new home, a canal boat called Caesar. And that’s when I discovered that people didn’t just

want personalised journals and planners.

Well, who would’ve guessed that one?!

I asked if she wanted her name on the front.

“No, it’s Caesar’s boat log so his name should go on the front.”

What’s a Boat Log?

Think Star Trek with Captain James Kirk (yes, I’m showing my age) filling in the Captain’s Log at the close of day. The SS Enterprise had flown from planet Zog (or wherever), avoided disappearing down a black hole, fought some KlingOns and won, then landed at the deep space equivalent of a caravan pull up for the night.

That’s pretty much what a boat log is; a record of all the comings and goings of the boat. Hopefully without my client going near any black holes or KlingOns!

A boat log is the boat’s story. It tells when the engine was started and how long it was on for, where the boat set off from, what it encountered during the trip – locks, ducks, other boats – and where it ended up mooring for the night.

This lady does a bit extra with Caesar’s boat log. She writes about anyone who’s helped her during the trip, anything of interest she’s seen, what the weather was like. Like I said, the boat log is the boat’s story.

How to Create a Boat Log.

Find out exactly what the client wants and needs. Some things are a definite want while others are more of a “well, I could do with that column, really”.

Then it’s how the client wants it set out. In this case, a two-page spread. Two columns on the left and the other six on the right.

Finally, it’s how many lines the client wants. If the client has 24 lines in her current boat log, the personalised one will need 24 lines, at least.

Something personalised will take a lot longer to design because of the attention to detail. And that is why personalised planners are more expensive than mass-produced planners.

Check it Out.

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