Personalised Journal – Alice

Art Deco personalised journal for Alice
Link to Alice’s Journal

Personalised journal/planner 

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This handy personalised journal is the right size to fit in your handbag. It is A5 size so not too big to be portable and not too small so you lose it. With 120 plain lined pages of good quality paper (the sort that won’t clog up your ballpoint or rollerball), it is ideal for making notes/lists/holding your secrets – versatility is its secret weapon.

Alice is the name in this example and it can be changed at no extra cost. All you need to do is tell me the name you would like when I mail you to confirm your order. Easy!

Some people find it is hard to write near the middle of their journals because they do not lie flat and lefties (people who write left-handed) find it easier if the journal lies flat. It is the main reason this journal is spiral-bound. The other reason is because they look neater according to my customers.

The cover on this personalised journal is in Art Deco style, in gold and white.

Click on the link in red under the image of Alice’s Journal to see the flipbook of the journal. It has ‘Alice’s Innerds’ small images of endangered species at regular intervals (Nature Journal series).

You will be so impressed with Alice’s Journal, you’ll want to buy and change it to your name. Simply fill in the order form below. I’ll email you to confirm receipt of your order and ask you to confirm what name you would like.

All you need do is respond to my email, I will change the name, send it to the printers and you should receive your personalised journal in 7 working days.