Personalised Planners

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Why personalised planners?

Because they stand out. Your friend’s eye is drawn to your name on your planner. You know how it goes: 

“Ooh! Check you out! A planner with your name on? Get you!”

You can hear the envy in their voice, feel it coming out of them.

Personalised planners are something different.

They Stand Out In A Mass of Planners.

You scan the racks of planners in your local mall, looking for something different.

The covers with nude models on? Nah.

With flowers? Nah.

Plain colour covers? No. You want something different.

With a slogan – “I love coffee”, “Mum knows best”, etc? No, that’s not it.

None of those do anything for you.

Then you see a rack with personalised planners on.

It’s no good – you’ve got to check if there’s one with your name on.

There is!

You let out a gasp of excitement. There’s a planner with your name on!

“I’m having that,” you say.

A Planner With Your Name On.

Now that’s something special.

You know it’s yours and people will know it’s yours because it has your name on.

Yes, something special.

But is it special enough?

How would you make it more special?

What touches would you add to really make it yours?

Think about it and things you like doing. Could they be added to your planner?

Together, you and I are going to seriously pimp your planner.

Check out my virtual bookshelf here

Click on a journal and work out how you would pimp it, then tell me in Comments.










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