Time to Make Changes

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When business dries up, you either panic or come up with ideas. Between

us, me and my team (T and S) came up with some ideas. Well, they came up with business ideas and the one about asking yourself hard questions.

#1. Change the theme. Oh – done it. Looks better already.

#2. Accept that personalised planners are thought of as “gifts”. I may get a buzz out of using them daily but not everyone does.

#3. Ask yourself hard questions and give honest answers. It may be brutal – my session was – but it had to be done to stop this dying. It’s not going to die – I won’t let it.

It’s Time to Make Changes

What’s changing? The product range.

I will have PDF packs of the” innerds” (interior pages) for “pimped” planners (themed pages  for personal use only). You can buy a pack then print off as many pages as you like, as many times as you like.

What themes are there? Art Deco, owls, birds, coloured skulls, yoga, cats, dogs and horses so far. I will keep adding to them.

There will be PDFs of individual pages such as for the teacher’s planner. Not all teachers will use all the pages which range from pre-school to secondary school. Best idea is to have the individual pages in stock so teachers can come in and buy which pages they need, or buy, say, 10 for £5 – something like that.

Next, I invested in software to create puzzles so there will be packs of puzzles with different levels of difficulty, of course. You’re not having it easy all the time 😉

Then, there will be packs of pages for the hobby journals such as the hiking journal.

And to Add Services.

Page design

Teach you how to design your own colouring patterns

Show you how to create your own journals

Puzzle design

Create your own puzzle book with your choice of puzzles.

Let’s have the first PDF:

Back To School Planner PDF

Everything you and your kids need to get organised for the new school year, and in colour.

Total bargain at £2.95 (payment link below)

Pack contains:

  • Class schedules for semesters 1,2 and 3
  • Exam Timetable
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Passwords
  • Project List
  • Reading List
  • Study Timetable
  • Teacher Contact List
  • Your Friends

All you need to do is pay £2.95, download, unzip the file and print.

What could be easier than that?

This is the link to the lovely people at Payhip.com, my payment processors:

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